Introducing Warrior Locker.

"Because Empty Boxes Take Up Space"



Designed Specifically for 463L Pallets.

Finally an efficient way to transport empty crates. Warrior Lockers fold into just 3 inches tall. This means piles of unused and empty crates are no longer a reality. When folded, 600 crates can fit on a single pallet. 

Our slim, durable walls also maximize spatial efficiency. Nesting tight to one another, 120 lockers can fit on a single 463L Pallet. Once unloaded, quickly fold the warrior locker backup for easy storage.

If your goal is Rapid Deployment; Warrior Locker is your key.

Easy to Transport. Anywhere.

Technical Specs.

Geared Up For Anything.

Warrior Locker expanded
Flat Sides
Maximize Space
Snug Fit Lid
Keeps Out Debris
Grab Handles
Warrior Locker collapsed
Folds less then
3” Including Lid
Corner Design
High Strength
ABS Plastic 


Designed For Performance.

Materials - Let’s start off with what Warriors are made of. Our lockers are made from engineering-grade, glass-filled polypropylene. This plastic is smash-proof, scratch resistant and built to be abused. 

Design - Warrior Lockers fold to less than 3 inches flat, including the lid. This is 80% less than the standard sitting height, which makes them ideal storage in any situation. Slipping between seats, around packs or within tents has never been done easier. Transport and logistics is more efficient, with up to 175 units per single 48” x 40” pallet.

Up to
Sleeker Design
Stronger than other
folding crates
Warrior Locker design detailsWarrior Locker design details

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